Teacher Name
  • Room 360

    2018/19 Schedule:

    1A - Forensics

    2A - Physical Science Honors STEM

    3A - Planning

    4A - Biology Honors STEM

    5B - Biology Honors

    6B - Planning

    7B - Forensics

    8B - Biology Honors STEM

    Academic Assistance: B-Day Thursdays during Fox Focus by appointment

  • Years Teaching at DFHS: 3
    Years Teaching Total: 3

    B.A., Biological Science, Minor in Spanish Language, Clemson University
    M.T., Science Education, University of South Carolina


    Certified to teach Honors courses

     Detailed information for each class can be found at classroom.google.com.  Students should see the teacher for classroom codes.  Parents and guardians should contact the teacher if they wish to signup to receive email updates from Google Classroom.

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