ART is a semester-long course designed to give students a well-rounded art education based on the Elements of Art . We cover the following

    1)  Proper usage of art materials 

    2)  World Art  

    3)  Art Presentation 

    4)  Art Mediums - oil pastels, paints, color pencils , crayons ,markers 


    Students will learn how to create artwork,and learn about a diverse range of artists from throughout history. When describing, analyzing, interpreting, and evaluating the work of others, an artist improves his/her/their personal artwork. The goal of this course is to broaden students’ understanding and appreciation of the art media, art movements and artists in order to have a greater awareness of the world around them. 


    Artwork made by CRIS Students




    We will utilize  .

    It is a digital arts platform. Parents must sign in and give permission for students' work to be displayed .