Degrees and Certifications:

Christine Thornhill

Hello!  My family and I recently moved to South Carolina and I am very happy to be a part of the LMES family.  I have been teaching for seventeen years, all in kindergarten!  I remember being in second grade and telling my parents that I wanted to be a teacher.  From then on I knew what my calling would be and I have loved it more than I can express. 

You are your child's first teacher, but it is an honor and a privilege to teach and grow alongside them during our days at school together.  So I would like to say thank you for entrusting your little ones to me.  We are going to have a great year together!

Some things about Mrs. Thornhill that you might find interesting...

I was born in Jacksonville, Florida. We moved to Pennsylvania when I was 10 and I remained there through college.  I moved to Virginia for my first teaching job.  I had never been more excited to buy school supplies than for my very first classroom!!!  I taught at DreamKeepers Academy for three years followed by eight years at Sewells Point Elementary School.  I was named SPES teacher of the year in 2012 and was in the District top 13 for NPS. I met and befriended many families during my 11 years in Norfolk and I hope to do the same here.

I am also the mother to three lovely children, one daughter and two sons.  They keep us very busy and entertained!  My husband and I just recently bought a home with 5 acres so the kids have a lot of room to run and play. We have pigs and sheep!  In my spare time I like to read, make wooden home decor items and have recently started making tumblers.