• Leaphart Elementary School     



     Leaphart Elementary School STEAM Magnet,  has re-envisioned science instruction and learning through the lens of the arts for students to discover, design, and develop. A rigorous problem-solving curriculum that is grounded in authentic learning and design thinking are visibly integrated across all disciplines. STEAM curriculum units are implemented school-wide that stimulates learning and student engagement through an exploration of an integrated curriculum of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics that provides real-world relevance and meaning.

    Leaphart Elementary School, built in 1974, is located at 120 Piney Grove Road in the suburbs of Columbia, South Carolina. Because of a past railroad junction (located near the school site) named Leaphart Depot, the school was named Leaphart Elementary School. It is assumed a Leaphart family owned the land. Leaphart Elementary School was the first open-spaced school to be built in the district. When built, it was an IGE school committed to providing for the individual needs of all students in a multi-unit design with each unit consisting of 4 teachers, 1 instructional assistant, and 120 children.

    Leaphart has become a STEAM school that allows students to use their creativity and innovative skills to solve real-world problems. Through project-based learning, students are immersed in hands-on experiences and learning opportunities for all students. This is only possible because of the excellent students, teachers, parents and business partners.