• PBIS is the application of evidence-based strategies and systems to assist schools in decreasing problem behaviors, increasing academic performance, increasing safety, and establishing positive school climates. PBIS places an increased emphasis on proactive approaches in which expected and more socially acceptable behaviors are directly taught, regularly practiced in the school environment, and followed by frequent positive reinforcements.

    To promote these expectations, students earn Golden Gears for positive behavior. PBIS is a system used to promote positive learned behavior. PBIS learning began the first day of school and is re-visited as needed. These positive behavior lessons are taught throughout the school year. The Golden Gears can be redeemed at the PBIS store that is open for students twice a month beginning in September.
    School wide consequences for unacceptable behavior are handled first by the classroom teacher. Any student committing a minor school infraction will be appropriately handled by the teacher. Once any student receives three minor infractions, they will be referred to the office adminstration. At that time, the office referral will be reviewed and appropriate consequence will be determined.

    Respectful                               Responsible                           Ready to Learn

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