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    Irmo theater department is competing in the South Carolina Speech and Theater festival for the 2nd year in a row this year.  We are co-hosting the competition with Dutch Fork High School and will be hosting it in our brand new theater next year.  We are also doing 2 improv shows with faculty to raise money for worthy causes during the year.  The honors students are having monthly facetime/skype chats with professionals in the theater community from around the country.  Professionals include an Emmy award winning playwright/screenwriter from Hollywood, an Emmy award winning editor of television programs, an agent, a theater manager, a former Blue Man Group actor, an actor that has appeared in everything from a Spider-man movie to nickelodeon television show to a Showtime series drama.  Each Honors senior student will also pick, direct, and present a one act show. We are also planning our own show in the middle of the year and working on the district musical this year, Aida.


    Course offering

    Theatre 1- Introduction to Performance

    Theatre 2 - Comprehensive Theatre Study

    Theatre 3 - Advanced Acting

    Theatre 4 Honors

    Theatre 5 Honors

    Acting for TV and Film

    Technical Theatre Arts