• SPArC (stands for School-wide Performing Arts Collaborative)
    This is a club that is meant to introduce Irmo students to cultural events without the hassle of getting rides or paying for tickets to shows...etc... it allows members to experience art that they may not get a chance to otherwise, and it also allows them to speak with professionals about what they do and how they make their living so that our students can be more prepared for possibly making a career for themselves.
    We have groups (this year) such as Doug Berky (his website is Dougberkytheatre.com if you'd like a picture/info on what he does), Lachune Boyd (jazz/opera singer) who will be performing with the Irmo Jazz band for one of her covers of Skyfall by Adele, USC Opera will be performing pieces from Sunday in the Park with George, and we'll also have the Dolly Partners who are an improvisation duet from New York.  We will have Irmo Alumni, Ryan Knott, here to play cello and show some of the music videos he's made.  And we will also have a local Zumba instructor/nutritional photographer coming and doing a Zumba day!  (her name is Rachel-Elise Weems if you're including information on these artists) 
    All of the performances are geared toward students seeing different ways to apply their talents to make a career that fits them and sets them up for success.
    How does this impact diversity and student achievement?

    Students who participate in arts-related classes and events:

    • Have outperformed their non-arts peers by an average of 91 points on the SAT
    • are 44% less likely to use drugs than their non-arts peers
    • are 4 times more likely to participate in a math or science fair
    • are 3 times more likely to win an award for school attendance
    • are 4 times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement
    We meet once a month for a performance during school.

    Fees are $50 to join (which also includes a t-shirt and a field trip each year)