Grade: 12 Semesters: 1 or 2 Credit: 1 or 2
    Prerequisites: Completion of a Center program

    This course is designed for the student who has completed a CATE program at the Center and is interested in continuing project research from the completer course. Students will work independently on their own research project. Grant writing, literature searches, designing and completing experiments, technical writing and presentations, and competition for science-based scholarships will be emphasized. Students are required to present findings from research in district, regional, and state competitions. Approval of the Center Program Instructor and Center Administration are required. Students may register for 1 or 2 credits.


    Grade: 12 Semesters: 1 or 2 Credit: 1 or 2
    Prerequisites: Completion of a Center program.Must be 17 years of age and registered as a Senior. 2.0 Overall GPA. Excellent attendance record. Able to provide transportation to and from site.

    Course is double blocked each semester for 1 unit credit per semester. Students may register for one or both semesters.

    This program provides students the opportunity to study an occupational program through structured work based experiences directly related to the student’s IGP major/CATE completer program. The primary purpose of the internship program is for the student to receive broad instruction in workplace expectations and master identified competencies related to a specific career field. Internships may or may not include financial compensation and may last for one or two semesters based on the needs of the placement site. A minimum of 180 intern hours are required for one unit of course credit for each semester. Recommendation by CATS program instructor and CATS administrative approval are required for enrollment in CATS Senior Internship. Intern placement sites must be secured by August 1.