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Mom. Teacher.

Ms. Ghislaine Nsangou (say jees-lain san-goo)

 Me as Me: I was born and raised in Cameroon, a lovely country nested in the heart of Africa. A place where places are beautiful and faces are smiling. A place where home is where a roof is. A place where if there is enough for one, there is enough for 2, 3, 4... A place where modern religions found their place alongside ancient religions. A place where locals found a way to integrate "new" languages French, English, Arabic. A place where new languages and about 300 dialects are alive in the two main linguae francae, Pidgin English and CamFrAnglais. A place where bilingualism and biliteracy are Nature and Nurture.  

Me as a Teacher: As a language lover, I strive to create a community where we learn from one another. Hence my goal to be inspired and to inspire learners to the francophone world, one day at a time. I believe It is OK... not to know YET!

Me as a World Citizen: I love to travel but I cannot really afford it. So the foodie in me... eats (Fact: Food is cheaper than flight tickets!) and one dish at a time, I explore the world. I invite you to join me on this budget-friendly-sometimes-free journey.


If you talk to a [person] in a language [they] understand, that goes to [their] head. If you talk to [them] in [their] language, that goes to [their] heart. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (1918-2013)

The [person] who does not know other languages, unless [they] are a [person] of genius, necessarily have dificiencies in [their] ideas. Victor Hugo (1502-1885)

À VOS MARQUES ? PRÊT.E.S ? FONÇONS ! (Ready? Set? Let's do it!)