• Spring Hill High School is an all choice, all magnet, public high school in School District Five of Lexington and Richland Counties. All of our students choose to attend Spring Hill High School based on pursuing interests in one or more of our five focus programs. Using innovative learning environments, educators encourage activities that encourage students to seek fresh approaches, collaborate with others, utilize resources, and ask questions to overcome obstacles. This approach guides students to make critical connections between their educational journey and our world.

  • Spring Hill High School opens the doors of opportunity for all students by delivering a unique learning experience which is tailored to individual talents and interests. Students are immersed into high tech, real-world environments which develop core knowledge, ignite imagination, and make learning relevant.



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    All five academies include modern, technology-rich environments which promote risk taking and creativity by enabling learners to model and test ideas, collaborate with peers, and develop new solutions based on up-to-date real-world resources and industry practices.



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  • Our Career Pathways Magnet Program is designed to prepare students for success whether their goal is to get a head start on college by earning free college credits in high school, gaining industry certifications, or uncovering hidden talents and interests. Our Academies integrate traditional subjects into specialized themes which are coupled with real-world internship experiences to stregthen the crucial link between academic skills and future economic success.


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  • Our vibrant leaning community is made up of individuals with varying backgrounds, interests, beliefs, and experiences. In addition to challenging and motivating each other, students share knowledge, celebrate successes, and work together to reach common goals. By developing appreciation and respect for one another's differences and actively seeking opportunities to embrace deiversity, we are prepaing students to become productive members of the modern workforce in today's connected world.