International School for the Arts

    • Irmo High School, as stipulated by law, has a School Improvement Council.  The School Improvement Council serves as an advisory body to the principal.  The council serves as a liaison between the school, school organizations, the county and the school board by collecting and disseminating information regarding school improvement.

      The following individuals have been elected to serve on the Irmo High School Improvement Council.  They will serve a two year term as long as their student attends IHS during this period.  In accordance to the SIC By-Laws their duties as a member of SIC begins July 1


      2016-2017 SIC Roster First Name Last Name
      Elected Support- (SEOY 15-16) Patrica  Powell
      Elected Teacher - (SEOY 16-17) Ken Bailey
      Elected Teacher (TOY 15-16) Willie Frierson
      Elected Teacher (TOY 16-17) Shirpollle Peniston-Blair
      Elected Teacher Laura Carson
      Elected Parent   (Secretary) Sheila Shelby
      Elected Parent   Tabitha Keeler
      Elected Parent   Hayley Gossett
      Elected Parent   (Vice Chair) Kathy Mahoney
      Elected Parent   Melaine Daniel
      Elected Parent    
      Elected Parent   (Chair) Dan  Koon
      Appointed Community  John Cantey
      Appointed Community Toshia Addison
      Appointed Community. Julie Bird
      Appointed Community  Alisha Polkowsky
      Appointed Community Linda Byars
      Appointed Community Tony Langton
      Appointed Community Dr. Barbara Waldman
      Appointed Community    
      Elected Students Stu.Council Nolan  Burdette
      Elected Students Sr. Pres. Tatiana  Bracey
      Elected Students Jr. Pres. Caroline Gossett
      Elected Students So. Pres. Alissa Pressley
      Elected Students Fr. Pres.    
       Ex-Officio Members    
      Booster - Athletic Beth Well
      Booster - Band Martie Newmyer
      PTSO  Rep.      Hayley Gosstett
      Booster AFROTC Sarah Zupon
      Principal Dave Riegel
      Assist. Principal Instruction Kaaren Hampton
      Assistant Principal  John McMillan
      Assistant Principal  Jeff  Corley
      Administrative Assistant Floyd White
      Assistant Principal Willie Olawsky
      Past Chair Hayley Gossett