• Irmo High School, as stipulated by law, has a School Improvement Council.  The School Improvement Council serves as an advisory body to the principal.  The council serves as a liaison between the school, school organizations, the county and the school board by collecting and disseminating information regarding school improvement.

    The following individuals have been elected to serve on the Irmo High School Improvement Council.  They will serve a two year term as long as their student attends IHS during this period.  In accordance to the SIC By-Laws their duties as a member of SIC begins July 1


    2018 - 2019 SIC Roster First Name Last Name Work Phone        Email Address  Term
    Elected Support (SEOY 17-18) Peggy Boggess 476-3040 pboggess@lexrich5.org 2019
    Elected Teacher - (SEOY 18-19) Joseph Aiken      
    Elected Teacher (TOY 17-18) Roger Simpson 476-3229 rsimpson@lexrich5.org 2019
    Elected Teacher (TOY 18-19) Allison Smith      
    Elected Teacher          
    Elected Parent    Toshia Addison   toshiaaddison@gmail.com 2019
    Elected Parent            
    Elected Parent   Kim Weber 476-4202 SCWebers@yahoo.com 2019
    Elected Parent    Elizabeth  White   whiteel@mailbox.sc.edu 2019
    Elected Parent            
    Elected Parent  Christine Smith   CGSmith18@me.com 2019
    Elected Parent D. C. Terry, Sr.      
    Elected Parent   (Chairman) Dan  Koon 737-7832 Danny@SCHAC.SC.Gov 2018
    Appointed Community  John Cantey 213-1195 Jcantey@icrc.net 2018
    Appointed Community          
    Appointed Community. Julie Bird   jwbird@mcgpres.org 2018
    Appointed Community  Alisha Polkowsky   apolkowsky@lex.lib.sc.us 2018
    Appointed Community Linda Byars   Byars133@bellsouth.net 2018
    Appointed Community  Dr. Barbara Waldman 777-9104 barbwaldman816@gmail.com  2018
    Appointed Community Susan Robertson 741-6009 love.sc.realestate@gmail.com 2018
    Appointed Community          
    Elected Student Stu.Body Pres. Ja-qunn Washington     2019
    Elected Student  VP Cambridge Dantzler     2019
    Elected Student Sr. Pres.          
    Elected Student Jr. Pres.          
    Elected Student So. Pres.          
    Ex-Officio Members          
    Booster - Athletic Chris Jenkins   seej1@aol.com  
    Booster - Band Donna Ciriello   donnareads@gmail.com  
    PTSO  Rep.      Betsy Bryant      
    Booster AFROTC Sarah Zupon   sarahezupon@hotmail.com  
    Principal Robin Hardy 476-3010 rlhardy@lexrich5.org  
    Assist. Principal of Instruction Kaaren Hampton 476-3103 Khampton@lexrich5.org  
    Assistant Principal  John McMillan 476-3017 JMcMill@lexrich5.org  
    Assistant Principal  Jeff  Corley 476-3014 JCorley@lexrich5.org  
    Administrative Assistant Ricky Tillmon 476-3039    
    Associate Principal Jay Clark      
    Past Chair Dan Koon