About Us

  • Students measuring liquid in a science lab


    Michael Lofton, Principal


    MISSION – Spring Hill High School is a collaborative learning community
    that cultivates innovative thinkers prepared to meet the challenges of
    the 21st century. The school’s culture is rich in personal connections,
    supporting a learning environment where students pursue coursework
    designed to foster creativity, uniqueness in thought, and intellectual
    development. Spring Hill students explore and master educational pursuits
    which prepare them to strive and lead in an interconnected world.


    5 IN 5 – Our Career Pathways Magnet Program has five focus programs:
    Engineering Academy, Entertainment Academy, Entrepreneurial Academy,
    Environmental Studies Academy, and Exercise Science Academy. Students
    may select one or more academies in order to pursue different interests.
    Through required coursework, complementary offerings, and extended
    learning opportunities students are afforded the basic skills and working
    knowledge necessary to open the door for careers that follow the student’s
    passion and interests.


    WHAT MAKES THIS MAGNET UNIQUE? Spring Hill High School is an all
    choice, all magnet, public high school in School District Five of Lexington
    and Richland Counties. All of our students choose to attend Spring hill
    High School based on pursuing interests in one or more of our five focus
    programs. Using innovative learning environments, educators encourage
    activities that encourage students to seek fresh approaches, collaborate
    with others, utilize resources, and ask questions to overcome obstacles.
    This approach guides students to make critical connections between their
    educational journey and our world.