Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Is there a need for an additional elementary school?

    A: Yes.

    • The need was documented in the 2008 Referendum; an additional elementary school was approved
    • The need is even greater now (in 2017) than it was then (in 2008).


    Q: Has our growth enrollment peaked?

    A: Projections are for continued growth.


    Q: Can we address our overcrowding at Chapin Elementary and Lake Murray Elementary through rezoning?

    A: Rezoning can provide some temporary relief, but will not offer a permanent solution.


    Q: Is the site safe and has a traffic study been done?

    A: A traffic study has been completed. No improvements are needed beyond the highway right of way.


    Q: Why the Amicks Ferry side of Chapin and why not Mount Vernon Church Road/Derrick Pond Road?

    A: From May 22, 2017 VISION 202 Update - 

    1. It is important to serve Chapin students in Chapin
    2. It is important to preserve the Chapin Geographical Grouping Concept.


    Q: Have the requirements of the District's policy on site acquisition (Policy FEE) been met?

    A: See the attached checklists.

    Policy FEE Purpose - To establish the basic structure for the acquisition of sites for school construction.

    The board believes it is appropriate and necessary to identify and acquire land in a formalized manner to assure the most advantageous pieces of real estate are obtained for School District Five of Lexington and Richland Counties.


    • Establish parameters for selection
      • Analyze attendance zones to determine general location boundaries
      • Determine range of acreage requirements
    • Identify and evaluate potential sites
      • Collect preliminary data on each potential site
      • Retain a realtor to represent the district as a buyer, if necessary
      • Eliminate unsuitable sites
      • Perform technical evaluation and comparative analysis
    • Perform final site selection
      • Provide site recommendation to the board
      • Obtain "contingent" board approval
      • Have "Letter of Intent to Purchase" sent to the seller
      • Perform "contingent" technical evaluation - As part of the contingent technical evaluation, the district hired an MAI certified appraiser

    Policy FEE - Whenever possible, the board will acquire school sites long before they are needed. Such a policy will permit a better choice of site at acreage rather than lot prices and will reduce the need for costly demolition of residential or other structures.


    Q: Is the price we're paying a fair price?

    A: Value of the land is priced fairly for its intended purpose, and the purchase price is supported by the appraisal.


    Q: What are the results of the "Due Diligence" assessment?

    A: See video above.