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Degrees and Certifications:

Degrees: BS Mathematics MA Mathematics PhD Mathematics Certificate: SC Professional Teaching Certificate AL Professional Teaching Certificate

Dr. Teresita Hill

My Bio


Teresita (Tess) Hill was raised in the Philippines, moved to Japan for six years and now resides in the United States of America.  She calls these three countries her home.  Her passion for numbers led her to the studies of mathematics.  She received a BS in Mathematics from St. Mary’s University and taught math at the University of the Philippines as well as being a teacher trainer and textbook writer to improve the Philippine math curriculum.  She contributed to many changes in the way math is taught in the Philippines.


After receiving a full scholarship from the Japan Ministry of Education, which is the most prestigious scholarship offered in Japan, Tess received her Master’s degree and Doctorate from the University of Hiroshima.  She became a teacher and taught Math and English during her stay in Japan.  While living in Japan, she developed a true passion for the Japanese culture and their way of life. 


Tess’s ultimate goal from her childhood was coming to America.  She pursued the first teaching opportunity available.  Her enthusiasm to be with students and fellow educators is what has brought her to twenty-five years in the field of education.  She has taught all levels of education which includes elementary, middle, high school, college, and graduate school.


She is determined to make a difference by making sure students receive quality education that would educate and prepare them for their future, which includes the ability to collaborate, evaluate and solve problems, and make everyday a learning experience. 


In her spare time she loves to go boating with her husband and daughter, she loves to dance, and she loves to sit on the couch with her family and friends and watch a good movie.