La Sra. Emily Arroyo
  • Room 334

    2018/19 Schedule:

    1A - Spanish 2

    2A - Planning

    3A - Spanish 2

    4A - Spanish 2

    5B - Spanish 2

    6B - Planning

    7B - Spanish 1

    8B - Spanish 1

    Academic Assistance:

    A Day 2nd Fox Focus (except Fridays - Homeroom)

  • Years Teaching at DFHS: 1 year 
    Years Teaching Total: 5


    B.A. Spanish w/ Certification to Teach K-12 from Winthrop University 
    6 credit hours La Universidad Internacional, Cuernavaca, Mexico


    AP Language and Culture endorsement


    My love for the Spanish language did NOT begin in high school. I couldn't stand Spanish class - all we did was copy verb conjugations and were drilled on them. Boring and meaningless!
    It began when I went to Quito, Ecuador the summer after my senior year of high school with a group of youth from churches all over the state. I experienced the world outside of the USA for the first time and was impacted for life. I went back the following summer after my freshman year at Winthrop and completed a 3 month internship in Quito, working with a small church in an impoverished part of the city. I am still friends with many of the people I formed relationships with 10 years ago! 
    The relationships and the rich culture are what drew me to Spanish. I decided to major in it in college and have not regretted it a day since. My goal in teaching is not only for students to understand and communicate because they have to in order to graduate, but also help them to grow in their perception of the human race. 

    Today, my husband and I are raising our 4 year old son in a bilingual and bicultural home. My husband was born and raised in Mexico, and the majority of his family lives there. I also enjoy reading novels, news and poetry in Spanish. If you see me in my car, I'm most likely jamming to a cool salsa, merengue or cumbia. Though I am not Hispanic, part of my heart definitely belongs to the Hispanic culture and Spanish language! 


    Previously, I have taught all levels of Spanish, from Spanish 1 to AP Spanish Language and Culture. I have worked in a tiny, rural private school and larger, public schools.
    I have also worked as a bilingual educator at EdVenture Children's Museum, developing and implementing science and literacy programs for Hispanic families in the Columbia community.

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