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Ms. Ivy Lin

Hi, welcome to Chinese Class in Irmo High School, International School for the Arts!

I am Lin Laoshi (Ms.Lin). Chinese is my native language. I came to America in 2016, started teaching Chinese in 2017. Before that, I worked in Supply Chain Management in International Manufacturing Companies in Guangdong Province in China for 15 years. I enjoy working creatively. I believe a good teacher facilitates the learning process. As a famous Chinese Saying “授之以鱼不如授之以渔(shou zhi yi yu bu ru shou zhi yi yu)", which means facilitating students to fish is better than feeding them with fish. Anyway, follow Lin Laoshi, you will see how easy, how enjoyable and how rewarding it is to learn Chinese Mandarin in your valuable high school years!


Why do we learn Chinese?

  • Chinese is the most spoken language (over 20% of people ) in the world. And people who speak Chinese are rapidly spreading globaly.
  • Chinese culture was originated 4000 years ago based on deep reflections following principles of nature. Chinese language,Chinese philosophy, Chinese Arts, Chinese Medicines….are amazingly associated with each other under the 5 Elements Theory, which can be the basic theory of all the cultures on earth.
  • Speaking and Writing Chinese can develop potentials of the learners' brain. People who speak Mandarin use both temporal lobes of their brain to understand the language.This is very different than English-language speakers who use only the left temporal lobe.
  • Improve career opportunities in business, in government and world organization, and in education…..with China is playing more and more important role in the world.


What topics do we learn?

The 4 years Chinese learning in high school are clearly designed and aligned with HSK level 1-4, an international standardized test for Chinese language proficiency.

Students are also encouraged to participate in IB (International Baccalaureate) Chinese B SL Diploma Program in the 4th year learning. Chinese IB class students in Irmo High school did well on IBDP Tests in 1st half of 2018. More and more students are planning for Chinese B SL DP in coming years.


Learning topics coverage - Personal introduction / Appearance and Personality / School subjects and facilities / Food and Health / Entertainment and Tourism /Communication and media / Environment / Technology / Customs,traditions and festivals / Global issues / Chinese geography and history.

Chinese Cultures Topics Introduction - Yin&Yang Theory / Chinese 5 Elements Theory / Chinese Traditional Medicine Diet/ Tea Ceremony Culture/Chinese Zodiac / Chinese Calligraphy / Chinese Painting / Traditional Chinese Garden / Chinese Floarr/Chinese potted landscape/Traditional Chinese instrumental Music /  Tang&Song Poetry /Idioms /Confucious's Analects/Festival Customs....


How to be successful in Chinese Class?

Keep your goal in mind. I will help you to understand where you are, where to find learning materials and how to move forward. As long as you keep learning, following instructions and rules in class, you will always be in good grades.  (It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. - Confucius)


Further learning and use Chinese?

Upon passing HSK3 - 5 after 4 years learning, you can apply to attend top universities in China. Check out some universities website, ask for more information (majors, subjects, campus, cost ..)by email, or pay a visit during Christmas or June(these are normal school days in China). You will be surprised how qualified you are to earn the opportunities of learning and living on the other side of the world!


"The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness - by Lao Tzu" . Learning Chinese will open a door for you to explore the world and yourself!