• Authorized Visitors

    While visitors are encouraged it is essential that school visits do not disrupt instruction. And, it is important that parents know who is visiting their child(ren) during the school day. Therefore, only parents, legal guardians and grandparents can visit a student during the school day without advance permission and coordination. All other persons wishing to visit a student must receive written permission from the parent/legal guardian. The permission request must be given to the school office at least one school day in advance of the visit. Any court order restricting parental visits to a child supersedes this policy.


    Visit Limitations

    There may be occasions when a school visit is not appropriate. When requesting to visit a student all visitors must state; - the specific student being visited, - the intent of their visit, - the location of the visit and - the time period for the visit. Visitors must comply with their stated reason for the visit. Visitors cannot roam the school or visit other students for whom they do not have permission. The school principal may limit the school visit if he or she believes that the visit will disrupt instruction or student assessments.