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Escolares Academy Academic Magnet Information

  • The Escolares Academy Academic Magnet at Harbison West Elementary School is a full-day magnet program for academically gifted students in second through fifth grades.  The program provides gifted students the opportunity to learn, grow and develop to their maximum potential.  Any District Five student, who will be in grades second through fifth and meets the gifted program requirements mandated by the state of South Carolina, may apply to participate in the Harbison West Escolares Academy Academic Magnet program.


    Program characteristics include: an accelerated learning pace, enriched curriculum that exceeds state standards, rigorous and relevant integrated curriculum, learning activities differentiated for gifted learners, collaborative and competitive experiences, integrated technology and much more.  Students also engage in advanced field studies, complex inquiry learning, self-directed learning opportunities, critical and creative thinking acitivities, and economic education through financial literacy.  Our curriculum and teaching methods include: hands-on equations, critical thinking and document-based questions.