• State Farm Good Neigh'bear' Award

    The Teresa Miley State Farm Agency honors an H. E. Corley employee each month.  The honor includes a book selected by the recipient to be donated to the HEC Media Center. The Teresa Miley State Farm Agency continues their tradition of giving to elementary schools with a unique spin. The monthly recipient chooses the next month's honoree. Therefore, this gift always has special meaning.



    Kelly Still - March

    Callison English - February

    Kim Easley - January

    Michelle Lilie - December

    Carla Davenport - November

    Rochelle Clarke - October

    Charisa Tisdale - September


    2017-2018 recipients:

    Gina Hilts - May

    Tracie Zuniga - April

    Lisa Simmons - March

    Delores Entwistle - February

    Rochelle Clarke - January

    Lisa Knoche - December

    Jacquelyn Lynch - November

    Shelia Napoleon-October

    Mary-Ellen Thompson-September


    2016-2017 recipients:

    Barbara Frederick - May

    Haley Carpenter - April

    Sue Shelton - March

    Jamaal Barr - February

    Lacy Lucas - January

    Liz Auckland - December

    Rachel Driggers - November

    Albert Jones - October

    Barbara Frederick - September


    2015-2016 recipients:

    Erika Cartledge - May

    Sheila Henry-Naepoleon - April

    Beckie Altman - March

    Cindy McCartney - February

    Amanda Sims - January

    Catrinia Jones - December

    Rose Smith - November

    Marsha Wallace - October

    Jessica Kelley - September


    2014-2015 recipients:

    Chris Corley - May

    Julie Carothers - April

    Kellee Edwards - March

    Kathy Harris - February

    Gail Paulk - January

    LaDonna Davis - December

    Suzanne Wilson - November

    Michelle Suhrbier - October

    Jacqui Shackleford - September 


    2013-2014 recipients:

    Donna Britt - May 

    Robin Howell - April

    Rosemary Bowie - March

    Laura Bedenbaugh - February

    Bobbie Boulware - January 

    Marlene Reese - November

    Aimee Kinder - October 

    Judy Franchini - September