• Dual Enrollment


    Dual Enrollment Opprotunities


    Various Dual Enrollment courses are offered at each school for students who are academically ready to pursue college coursework while still in high school. Through dual enrollment courses, students will take college courses held on their campus. Dual Enrollment courses count for both high school graduation credit and college credit. Courses are offered through various state colleges and universities, including the University of South Carolina, Lancaster and Midlands Technical College. The South Carolina Department of Education provides dual enrollment courses with one point above base points on the Uniform Grading Scale.


    All Dual Enrollment courses are taught/facilitated on Irmo High School’s campus and students have access to various resources provided through collaboration with the partnering higher education institutions. Currently students be classified as a junior or senior and meet all enrollment criteria required by the partnering higher education institution.


    The following are Irmo High School Dual Enrollment course offerings :


    English 101                                   Sociology 101                          Theatre 200

    English 102                                   Medical Terminology                 Education 230: Schools in Communities

    Criminal Justice 101                     Teacher Cadet                           Education 241: Learners and Diversity 

    Psychology 101                              Music Appreciation                   Art History & Appreciation

    Computer 170