• The STEAM Model at CrossRoads values creativity, hands-on learning, and an insatiable curiosity. We aim to make ourselves the very best we can be so that our students will have a positive impact on our complicated world.

    We share a commitment to cross-curricular studies involving STEM content, but we are generous to the "A" and let it include the visual arts, performing arts, and humanities (language arts and social studies) as well. We feel that the empathy, critical thinking, and human expression gained from studying the arts are essential to helping our students develop as thoughtful human beings.

    STEAM course offerings will include Honors and College Prep levels for math and language arts, as is the case with all of our teams.  We believe that a diverse cross-section of learners will create an optimal environment for STEAM success! Instruction is based on South Carolina state adopted standards, however, lessons will be presented through the lens of STEAM.
    If you are already zoned for CrossRoads no action is needed.  If you are zoned for another school please visit the CHOICE option on the District website.