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Degrees and Certifications:

Professor Emeritus, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of SC

Dr. Gary Blanpied

aka Dr. B


I am professor emeritus in physics at the University of South Carolina and a nuclear physicist.

When I was in high school, I loved math and wanted to work in an area that used math to problem solving. I learned that physics was the largest consumer of math so I majored in physics at Auburn, Georgia Tech and the University of Texas at Austin. I did my dissertation work at Los Alamos National Lab and began a thirty year career at the University of South Carolina. Since I am an experimentalist I worked on many projects that acquired vast amounts of data that was subjected to statistical analysis. I also made mathematical and physics models as well as did computer based Monte Carlo simulations. My group at UofSC received more than $2 million from mainly the National Science Foundation to perform these studies that resulted in 100 publications of results.

I taught all levels of physics and used algebra, geometry, probability and statistics, precalculus and calculus in these courses and also used these topics in my research. I retired early from UofSC and my wife and I moved to California where I was a lead scientist for a homeland security company utilizing cosmic rays to scan cargo containers for nuclear materials and contraband. I created 8 patents for this company.

We returned to Lexington to be near family and I started teaching mathematics at Irmo HS in August 2019. I am very happy to be able to focus full time on these math courses, working with the wonderful Irmo High School students.

I believe everyone can apply their acquired mathematical skills in meaningful ways, along with critical thinking and developed talents, to realize their dreams. It is a collaborative effort that is always rewarding.