Physical Education is a required eighteen-week course which consists of physical activities that expose the student to individual and team sports, fitness-related concepts, health topics/issues, and human relationships.



    Morgan Cooke             476-8306 jmcooke@lexrich5.org

    Susan Vaughn             476-8425 svaughn@lexrich5.org


    For more details on the course please click here: CRIS PE



    7:30 A.M. – 8:45 A.M.


    Required Materials


    PE Uniforms: We sell a CrossRoads PE uniform - Shirt, Shorts, and a draw string bag for $30.  If students want to bring their own, we require the following colors. 

    Shirts: White or grey t-shirt.  Shirts can have a logo.  They do not have to be solid white or grey. 

    Shorts: Black shorts.  Shorts can have a logo or stripes.  As long as the predominate color is black.  Sweatpants or wind pants are acceptable.  

    Water Bottle: Not required, but highly recomended.  Make sure water bottles have a screw on cap as they get knocked over frequently.  Please only clear liquids.  

    Chromebook: Chromebooks will be used for many assignments through out the semester.  Activity logs, written tests, fitness score collection, and other small projects.  



    Written tests - 30%

    Skills tests - 30%

    Dress Out/Participation - 30%

    Activity Log - 10%