SIC Meeting Dates
  • School Improvement Council 2022-2023


    Elected Parents: 6

    Edie Gore, 1st term, 1st year (22-23)

    Fran Ricks, 2nd year

    Molly Palmer Lowder, 1st term, 1st year (22-23)

    Lauren McKinney, 1st term, 1st year (22-23)

    Christy Todd,1st term, 2nd year, Chair

    Jennifer Zingmark, 1st term, 2nd year, secretary


    Elected Teachers: 3

    Sara Kimberlin

    Rob Schiferl

    Bob Taylor


    Elected Student Reps: 6

    Kate Harris, (9th grade SIC)

    Benson Lominack,(10th grade SIC)

    Kaelyn Harter (11th grade SIC)

    Addison Brizek, (12th grade SIC)

    Patrick Dunn, (Senior Class President)

    Molly Todd, (Student Body president)


    Other Student Participants

    Sanders Brown, (9th gr Class Pres)

    Nolan Miller, (10th gr Class Pres)

    Michael Ziehl (11th gr Class Pres)


    Appointed Members: 7

    Nicholle Burroughs

    Jondy Loveless

    Terry Macaluso

    Lil Mood

    Tim Slice

    John Stickney

    Christopher Watson


    Ex Officio Members:

    Michael Ames, Principal

    Melissa Magee, Assistant Principal of Instruction

    Katie Manning, Assistant Principal

    Bill Robinson, Assistant Principal

    Courtney Woodham, Assistant Principal

    Ronnie Wessinger, Athletic Director

    Amy Carter, (TOY 2020-2021)

    Tess Pratt (TOY 2019-2020)

SIC Meeting Information

    Student SIC members are to park in their normally assigned parking spot.
    There are limited visitor spots as you come into the main building and they are located to the left of the main building and there will be a sign stating Visitor.  Please do not park in numbered spots.  These are assigned to Faculty and Staff.  If the visitor spots are filled, as you come into the main entrance, make a right, go up the hill and park in the spots closest to Columbia Ave.