Committed to Excellence for All Students


      Our school doors open at 7:00 AM. 
      Instructional time begins promptly at 7:40am and all doors are locked. 
      Parents must come into the office to sign in tardy students.  
      Dismissal begins  at 2:30pm with car riders being dismissed at 2:35. 
      Students may not be picked up for dismissal between 2:10-2:30pm due to safety concerns.
       The school office closes at 4:00pm each day. 


      Chapin Elementary School
      940 Old Bush River Road
      Chapin, SC  29036

      PHONE: 803-575-5900             FAX: 803-575-5920

      Cafeteria:  803-575-5943              Nurse: 803-575-5909

      Bus Transportation: 803-345-7133



      The mission of the CES community is to ensure all students are engaged in learning at high levels in a safe and supportive environment.


      Committed to Excellence for all students


      Students are the primary focus of all decisions.
      Intentional instruction supports all aspects of the child.
      Excellence in learning is directly related to excellence in teaching.
      Students are successful learners when their teacher establishes positive relationships.
      Communication and collaboration are essential to educating all learners.

      Guidelines For Success

      We are Respectful to Others
      We are Responsible to Ourselves
      We are Ready to Learn


      We aRe Chapin!