(Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) 


    What is PBIS?

    PBIS is a positive, proactive approach to encouraging and acknowledging expected behaviors within the school. The PBIS initiative is an on-going process that will continue to develop in the months and years to come. We make decisions based on the needs of our students and our school.

    Why do we need PBIS?

    PBIS ensures that all students are taught the same expectations and procedures. All too often, different teachers or different grade levels have different guidelines. For example, one teacher may allow her students to walk as a group and talk in the hallway; another teacher may expect her students to walk silently in a straight line. If a child is transferred from one teacher to the other, of course, there will be confusion. A student could be disciplined for something that was totally acceptable in a previous class. We are committed to preventing this type of occurrence at Nursery Road. EVERY child in EVERY class will have the same expectations. By knowing exactly what they should be doing, our students will be empowered. We focus on using common language and consistency and that is what makes PBIS effective!

    How do we implement PBIS?

    1.We identify common areas where clear expectations are needed using school collected data.
    2.We establish a set of teachable expectations for all students, faculty and staff using a common language for each area.
    3.We teach, practice, and positively reinforce these expectations.
    4.We encourage all students by looking for the positives and providing immediate, frequent, and detailed feedback.

    Where will we begin our PBIS focus?

    We have been using principles and concepts of PBIS within the classroom.
    These are our initial areas of focus, but we are committed to using PBIS schoolwide.

    How is Nursery Road using PBIS?

    PBIS    Champion 3 C's


    Heart Act to Follow 

    What is Heart Act to Follow?          

    Heart Act to Follow is an opportunity for NRES staff to recognize and celebrate positive student actions that reflect Habit of Heart behaviors.  Throughout the school year staff members have the privilege to nominate current 4K-5th grade Nursery Road Elementary students who have shown one or more of the following Habit of Heart behaviors:

         showing care and concern and taking responsibility for themselves and others
         being patient and understanding when solving problems with others
         practicing respect for themselves and others
         being courageous and standing up for themselves and others

    How do I find out if my child has been nominated?

    If your child is nominated he/she will be given an invitation inviting you to the Heart Act to Follow Ceremony.  Most likely, your child will show you the invitation immediately – it’s quite an honor!  In addition, an article in the school newsletter will announce when invitations are going home – check the Guidance News section each week for news about Heart Act to Follow.

    How many Heart Act to Follow ceremonies this year?

    The Heart Act to Follow Ceremony will be held six times during the school year.

    Who attends the ceremonies?

    Students nominated as a Heart Act to Follow, their family members, administration & staff, and occasionally, school and community volunteers as well as district staff members are in the audience cheering on the heart actions of our students.

    What happens at the Heart Act to Follow Ceremony?

    Parents and other family members attending, as well as our Heart Act to Follow students are invited to enjoy refreshments before the ceremony begins. During the ceremony, each student nominated is awarded a certificate and a special recognition pin presented by our principal, Ms. Ligons, commemorating their Heart Actions. Afterwards, a group picture is taken before our Heart Act students return to their class.

    Pinning Ceremony  
    Spirit Stick

    Celebrating achievements throughout the school year is unique to Nursery Road, and the use of the Spirit Stick is brought out as a tangible tool with which the students connect.  As data is received by our administration, assemblies are scheduled in Center Stage, and the entire student body is made aware of the results of the scores.  To increase grade level unity and energy, a Spirit Stick is held up by the principal, and the children chant, “If I believe, I will achieve” in excitement.  The grade with the greatest spirit, enthusiasm, and ability to refocus on learning is awarded the Spirit Stick.  Appropriate behavior by the grade level as a whole is used as a method of choosing the winner.  The Spirit Stick is proudly displayed above the gymnasium doors.  


    How do we share our PBIS initiative with our parents and family members?

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