Home of the Champions

    • Supply List for 2016-2017


      3             boxes Crayola crayons, 24 count

      1             pair child’s Fiskar blunt tip scissors

      1             pack Crayola Washable Fine Tip Markers

      20           Elmer’s brand glue sticks

      24           #2 pencils (not mechanical)

      2             containers of Clorox wipes

      1             box of Kleenex tissues

      1             box Ziploc bags- sandwich size (BOYS only)

      1             box Ziploc bags- gallon size (GIRLS only)

      *All items will be used for the classroom community and do not need to be labeled.


      First Grade


      2             Composition Books (Black Mead)

      24           yellow standard #2 pencils (sharpened)

      2             boxes of 24 Crayola Crayons

      1             pack of 12 colored pencils

      1             pair of child size scissors

      4             glue sticks

      2             boxes of tissues

      1             plastic, 2 pocket, 3 prong folder

      1             three hole punch clear pencil pouch (must have a clear front)

      1             package of 4 dry erase markers (fat size)

      2             large Pink Pearl Erasers

      1             sticky note pad

      1             bottle of hand sanitizer

      1             box of sandwich size Ziploc bags

      1             box of gallon size Ziploc bags

      1             container of disinfecting wipes

      **Supplies will be used as classroom community supplies. Please do not put child’s name on school supplies.


      Second Grade

      2             boxes of #2 yellow pencils (sharpened)

      3             pocket folders (plastic or paper) with brads and pockets at the bottom

      2             plastic folders with brads and pockets at the bottom

      6             spiral notebooks (wide ruled)

      2             boxes of 24 crayons

      1             pack of highlighters

      1             pair of scissors

      8             glue sticks

      6             dry erase markers

      2             composition notebooks (9 3/4 x 7 1/2) (black and white marbled cover)

      3             boxes of tissues

      2             large containers of Clorox/Lysol wipes 

      1             gallon-sized Ziploc bags

      1             quart-sized Ziploc bags


      Third Grade


      4             small glue sticks or 2 large glue sticks (no glue bottles)

      2             boxes of tissues

      4             composition notebooks (no spirals)

      24 or 30 #2 pencils

      1             box of 24 crayons

      1             pack of 4 dry erase markers

      1             1/2 inch heavy duty 3 ­ring binder (no Trapper Keepers)

      1             pack of wide­ruled notebook paper

      1             poly plastic folder with pockets­ no prongs

       zip lock bags. Girls bring gallon size and boys bring quart size


      Fourth Grade


      1             Plastic Pencil Box

      2             Marble Composition Books

      8             BLACK Expo Markers (dry erase)

      3             Ring Binder (2­inch)

      2             Boxes of Kleenex

      4             Heavy Duty 2­Pocket Portfolio Plastic Folders (no prongs)

      1             Pack of Dividers with Tabs

      4             Packs of Wooden Paper Mate Pencils

      1             Pack of Crayola Markers (assorted colors)

      Hand Sanitizer ­boys

      Clorox Disinfecting Wipes ­girls


      Fifth Grade


      4             Mead Composition notebooks (wide-ruled): (Label: Science, Math, ELA, Social Studies)

      2             100 sheet packs Wide Ruled Notebook paper

      2             boxes of Kleenex

      4             Glue Sticks

      1             1 1/2 inch binder

      1             package 5 subject dividers (Label: Homeroom, ELA, Science, Math, SS)

      3             packages #2 pencils-sharpened 

      1 or 2      highlighters

      1 or 2      Expo Dry Erase markers



      Mrs. Hart’s Class


      2             1 ½ inch 3-RING binders

      1             Box of 24 Crayola Crayons

      2             Containers of Clorox Wipes

      2             Large Boxes of Flushable Wipes

      2             Large Boxes of Kleenex Tissues

      1             Large bottle of Hand Sanitizer



      Ms. Burnette's Class


      1             green folder

      1             three ring binder

      1             yellow notebook


                     Hand sanitizer

                     Lysol wipes

                     Bathroom wipes

                     Diapers/pull ups

      2             extra change of clothes


      Mrs. Stephens’ Class  



      Hand Sanitizer

      Clorox Wipes




      Pencil case

      2” 3 Ring Binder


      Glue Sticks

      Wide Ruled paper



      Mrs. Wedaman’s Class


      1             1 inch Binder

      1             plastic folder

                     Large glue sticks

      2             disinfecting wipes

      2             boxes tissues

                     Hand sanitizer

      2             Complete Changes of Clothes (please write your child’s name on all articles of clothing)

      Baby Wipes (for wiping hands and faces)

      Individual Snack (in bulk, or sent in daily)

      Toileting Supplies as needed


      Mr. McMillan's Class


      Disinfectant Wipes

      Baby Wipes

      Hand Sanitizer

      Dry Erase Markers

      Glue Sticks