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    • Create and Maintain a Sustainable Environment
    • Manage Natural Resources
    • Work with Animals
    • Promote Eco-Friendly Lifestyles
    • Solve Real-World Problems

    Mrs. Melissa Conway




    Are you globally-minded? Interested in how things are inter-connected? Do you enjoy being outside? Working with animals? Do you want to make the world a better place? If so, the Environmental Studies Academy could be the place for you.


    Our program provides an ecologically-based curriculum through rigorous coursework and relevant hands-on experience. Thematic units and the infusion of environmental topics in English, math, science and social studies provide opportunities for cooperative learning along with the development of problem solving and critical thinking skills. Through the exploration of the dynamic interrelationships of our modern world, you will use critical thinking to identify and analyze environmental issues. You will be equipped with a working knowledge and understanding of environmental academics that will open the door to a growing field in environmental careers.


    • Extended learning opportunities through courses at Spring Hill and the Center for Advanced Technical Studies
    • Real-world data collection and analysis
    • Hands-on, inquiry-based science projects
    • Extensive outdoor education opportunities
    • Exploring the biological makeup of various species and their habitats
    • Exploring alternative energy resources and recycling
    • Individualized planning and support to assist students in identifying their school of interest and selecting appropriate course and related electives
    • Infusion of entrepreneurial topics in English, Math, Science, and Social Studies, helping students to make connections between the arts and real-world application of concepts



    • Save Our Oceans
    • Outdoor Club
    • Recycling Club
    • Science Olympiad Team



    Environmental Science Academy Student Course Planning