What is School Psychology?

    School District 5 of Lexington and Richland Counties

  • School Psychologists serve students, teachers and schools in a variety of ways. They receive specialist or doctoral level training in academics and behavior as well as the systems of schools. School psychologists consult with teachers, collect and interpret data including progress monitoring; evaluate individual students using multi-methods and sources; support school-wide practices; have expertise in positive psychology, academics/ learning, behavior and mental health, prevention services, intervention including special education, crisis response and recovery, ecological systems, families, communities, schools; research/ evaluation, and professional ethics. 

    The simple version of this description is "School psychologists are here to help!"  We work with students, parents/ families, teachers, and school administrators to meet the needs of individual students and the school. School psychologists are part of the school team.  School staff contact the school psychologist at their school when needed to give our students support.

  • Our team of school psychologists would like to welcome our new team members to School District Five of Lexington and Richland Counties.  We are pleased to be increasing the number of school psychologists and the support for our students and community.

    Merrit Harris (intern last year)
    Patrick Sajovec (intern last year)
    Hailey Adams
    Laura Collazos (intern)
    Celine Houle
    Kelley Kraft
    Rachel Labrador

    Samantha Rudolph

    Best Wishes to our colleagues who have moved to new adventures: Kelly O'Connor, Jared Torell, Dr. Claire Wellborn, and Capricia White.  All of you will be missed!