• New Educator Retention Incentive


    School District Five of Lexington & Richland Counties is pleased to offer new educators with up to two years of prior teaching experience a supplemental $2500 bonus for up to three full school years.

    This supplemental bonus is contingent on the educator being offered continued employment with the District.

    The eligibility for this bonus concludes after a teacher has completed three full years of teaching.


    How is this paid?

    Direct Payment to Employee OR Decrease Student Loan Debt 


    Direct Payment to Employee

    Through a payment to the educator in the amount of $1,000, during the first semester and a payment of $1,500 during the second semester


    Decrease Student Loan Debt

    As a total payment of $2,500 paid by the District directly to their qualifying student education loan


    Contact Melanie Cohen, Coordinator of Personnel, at mhcohen@lexrich5.org or 803-476-8199.


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