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Harbison West Elementary PTO


    A big thank you to our Hero families for the support they have shown our school and the PTO through all of the various fundraisers and events that we’ve had this year.  Your support has made a difference!


    What Has the PTO Done?

    • Purchased a new welcome mat and HWES flag for the front of the school.
    • Continued to provide FREE gift books and cupcakes for our students’ monthly Birthday Book Lunch celebrations.
    • Provided mini-grants for various afterschool school clubs to purchase club supplies and/or scholarship for students in need.
    • Organized a donation drive for the “Lending Library”.  We collected 800+ books in September.  The purpose of the Lending Library is to provide a second option within our school library…those students who have not returned a library book still have an option to take home new reading material.  By returning books from the Lending Library, students can reduce their library fines by $1 each week.
    • Provided grant money to our monthly parenting programs: Moms-Make-a-Difference and All-Pro Dads.
    • PBIS support: we purchased another picnic table for the back foyer for students who have earned “Lunch with a Friend”; we supplied weekly prizes for the PBIS drawings and provided ice cream for the first-quarter PBIS celebration.  PBIS is a positive rewards-based program that looks to encourage children to make the right choices each and every day!
    • Supported Project Au-Some’s showing of the movie Wonder in November.  This program, launched by Ms. Brenna Lamprey and Mrs. Bethany Reilly is a real point of pride at HWES.  This wonderful program provides opportunity for some of our fifth graders to work with some of the special needs preschoolers...students build sweet friendships, learning acceptance and empathy along the way.
    • Made significant school supplies donations to our guidance department in order to help teachers who were in need of items at the beginning of the year.


    Where Are We Going?

    • We have tripled the amount that we will be offering for grade-level scholarships this second semester.  Teachers have the option to apply for financial assistance as a team to help fund field trips or other educational experiences.  This scholarship money has been set aside with the distinct purpose of supporting children who need help paying for these memory-making experiences.
    • We’d like to help with a few more exterior aesthetic improvements and are looking at planting options for the large pots near the front doors.
    • Setting up the PTO for robust financial health for the 2018-2019 school year.  Each year needs to have a good amount of working capital to get things off to a good start.  Part of each spring plan in to guarantee that we leave leave the organization in the best state possible for the following year!


    With gratitude to each and every one of you for your contributions of time and money to help support HWES and its students…thank you!



    Emily Soura


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    2017-2018 Officers

    2017-2018 Coordinators

    President: Emily Soura

    Box Tops Coordinator: Crystal Owens

    Vice President: Rachel Acosta

    Birthday Book Lunch: Faith Hunter

    Treasurer: Jennifer Battiste

    Teacher Liasons: Taryn Hixenbaugh & Jennifer Wahrmund

    Secretary: Jen Lombardi

    Spirit Night Coordinator: Amanda Arellano


    Spirit Wear Coordinator:


    Grant Proposals: Maria Shelley


    Lending Library Maintenance: Ashley Thompson