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School District Five school, students win top awards in statewide challenge

For Immediate Release – May 17, 2019



School District Five school, students win top awards in statewide challenge

IRMO – - To help students prepare for the Algebra 1 End of Course (EOC) exam, Algebra Nation challenged students across the state to kick it up a notch by participating in a four‑week statewide Algebra Nation Test Yourself! Challenge.


The Challenge incentivized South Carolina students to practice for the upcoming EOC exam by solving math problems through Algebra Nation’s online Test Yourself! Practice tool, which simulates the EOC testing environment by allowing students to answer standards-based problems in a format similar to the EOC exam.


Chapin Middle School took the first place for middle schools participating in the Algebra Nation Test Yourself! Challenge. Chapin Middle received a banner to display in their school. Top performing students from Chapin Middle School, participating in the challenge, also earned a pizza party for their hard work.


“We are thrilled to have the highest percentage of students participating in Algebra Nation across the state of South Carolina,” said Chapin Middle School principal Anna Miller.  “This is evidence of our growth mindset and the true desire of our students to improve their math skills.  Our motto this year is "Good, better, best- never let it rest until your good is better and your better is best" and this is one more example of Chapin Middle School students and teachers striving to move from better to best.”


Krish Patel, a student at Chapin Middle School, won an iPad and Apple Pencil, the top student prize for participating in the Test Yourself! Challenge.


Miller said, “I couldn't be happier for Krish!  He is an excellent student who gives his best every day.  He always has a smile on his face and a kind word for others.”


Students earned entries into the Algebra Nation Challenge for each time they completed an online practice section with at least 70% accuracy. With each entry, students also earned an entry for their teacher.  Algebra Nation held random drawings and selected students to win pizza/donut parties for their classes. 


Nevaeh Mack from Bryan Winfree’s 8th grade algebra 1 honors class at Irmo Middle School received a pizza/donut party for their class participation in the Algebra Nation Test Yourself! Challenge.  Penny Hall, 8th grade algebra teacher, at Dutch Fork Middle earned lunch for her department for her students participating in the challenge.  Eighth grader Sophia Outhous's entry was the one that won the prize.


School District Five Coordinator of Mathematics Colleen Boissinot said, “Our teachers are committed to ensuring a strong mathematics foundation for our Algebra 1 students, and have embraced utilizing this tool as one resource to enrich the learning experience for students.”


Algebra Nation is a free online curriculum resource with accompanying physical workbooks, built specifically for Algebra students and teachers, by South Carolina teachers. The program provides around-the-clock support to more than 43,000 math students, with a personalized learning program including 24/7 homework help from Study Experts, teachers, and peers.