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Our 2019 Environmental Science Fair Winners

DFES 2019 Science Fair Winners

Honorable Mention Awards:

   Morgan J. & Joseph F.   “Battery Power Test”

      Abigail C.B., Cailyn S., Peyton M.   “Battery Blast”

      Todd W. & Elliott J.  “Deodorant Test”

      Leah P., Jordyn P., Layla P.   “Natural Dyes are the Way to Go”

      Jeremiah S., Sheldon S., Christopher W.  “Turf Wars”

      William R.   “Air Filters”

3rd Place (Tie)

Brayden A., David H.F., Alivia N. “The Last Straw”

Gabby S., Jake B., Sofia A.  “How to Save Your Fruit & You”

2nd Place

London H. & Kaidance T. “Effects of Fertilizers on Radish Seeds”

1st Place

 Kaleb N., Caleb W., Jayden F. “Natural Magic”