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Environmental Science Fair

Cub Reporter

We had an amazing 6th annual share fair day and science fair day here at DFES on Jan. 21-22. Thanks for all of you parents that helped our kids by being a mentor and for visiting during Share Fair day so that they kids were more prepared for the judges on Science Fair Day. The following are our awesome 5th grade winners:

                                                       2019-2020 Science Fair Winners

Award of Excellence -“Top Notch Pizza Box” Brennon G., CJ C., Caleb E.

Head Judge Awards-“Straw Test”-Marcus R. 

                                       “Devil Cars”-Sebastian A., Bryce H., and Maurice S.

The following will go on to compete in the D5 Science and Engineering Fair on Saturday, February 8th.


 “Is the Way You Wash Your Car Good for the Earth?”-Christian W., Kyra S., Prince B.

 “How Does Light Affect Plant Growth?”-Tyler J., Kendall J., Kai W.

“What’s the Solution to Air Pollution?”-Cassidy T., Trinity W., Jamall F.

“Ways to Prevent Erosion”-Josiah W., Matthew R.,   Brayden A.

“Baby Powder Test”-Za’Mya G., Dai’ya S., Zaria W.

3rd Place Winners (TIE)

“Are These Bags the Best?”-Ariel D., Natalie W.

“CFC’s” Makhari H., Cheyenne C., KW

2nd Place Winners (TIE) 

“Soap Paradise- Charles P., Mary V., Azaria M.

“Landfills, Liners, and Leachates”-Lyncoln R., Bryce W.

1st Place Winners

“How to Stop Oil Spills”-Ethan C. and Cooper K.


*ALL Science Fair Projects will be on display in our media center until Tuesday, Feb. 18th. Please stop by if you didn’t get a chance to see our kids work.