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School District Five students raise and sell poinsettias

For Immediate Release – November 28, 2022



School District Five students raise and sell poinsettias

IRMO Students at the Center for Advanced Technical Studies (The Center) are gearing up for their annual poinsettia sale.


Students in the Agricultural Education program at The Center work together to grow the plants. There are three pathways at The Center in the Agricultural Education program, BioSystems, Environmental and Natural Resources, and Vet Science. All three pathways use the funds from the sale to support The Center’s FFA chapter and the activities the organization participates in throughout the year.  


“We start the poinsettias from rooted cuttings the first week of August,” Agricultural and Bio-systems Engineering teacher Kevin Sox said. “Our FFA student officers come in before the school year and plant the poinsettias in the greenhouse.  During the fall semester our first year Ag Science students take care and grow the poinsettia. They must be pinched, which creates lateral branching, watered, fertilized and spaced out. These are lessons reinforced during the plant science unit in the Ag Science course.  This provides a hands-on real-world project for the students.” 


The poinsettias come in six and a half inches ($15) and eight and a half inches ($25) complete with a foil decoration and a bow. You can get them in red, pink, white and speckled. The students also learn to tie bows and wrap the poinsettias with decorative foil to create a florist quality plant.


The poinsettias will be sold starting Monday December 5, 2022. The community can purchase the poinsettias at The Center greenhouse located at 916 Mount Vernon Church Road in Chapin. The greenhouse will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to the public that week until all of the plants are sold. For larger orders, reach out to Kevin Sox by email at