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School District Five students get hands-on training with dog grooming fundraiser

For Immediate Release – March 22, 2023



School District Five students get hands-on training with dog grooming fundraiser

IRMO One class at the Center for Advanced Technical Studies (The Center) could be mistaken for a business as students work to groom dogs during their class period.


Students in the Small Animal Care class at The Center participate in the annual grooming fundraiser which raises money for student field trips, experiences and to care for other classroom pets. Families, staff and community members can schedule an appointment to have their canines bathed and beautified to their specifications.


“Students learn to recognize breed characteristics and breed temperaments and grooming requirements,” Veterinary Science and Technology Instructor Jessica Hidalgo said. “Students practice basic handling and restraint techniques in addition to learning basic grooming skills. These skills and practices are transferable to other careers and parts of animal care and veterinary science aside from just dog grooming.”


Students are placed into teams of 3-4 to groom the dogs. Students rotate each week working on large breeds and small breeds to give them experience with a variety of animals. This experience helps prepare students for the real world.


“I love working with animals and I hope to go into the veterinary career path, so I really enjoy this hands-on learning this experience provides,” Junior Rachel Gentry said. “We really couldn’t find this training anywhere else. We learn the correct and professional way to do things so that we are safe and the animal is safe, which is always the first priority.”


Grooming happens on certain days over a 10-week period this spring. To inquire and schedule an appointment reach out to This is the tenth year for the fundraiser.


“Feedback to our grooming has been very positive,” Hidalgo said. “Many of our customers tell us that this is the best grooming their dog has ever received. These students really have some skill when they are done in May and some of their parents even buy them grooming kits for their homes so that they can groom their own pets at home.”