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Nursery Road New Logo!


 New Logo, New Look!


We have a brand new logo! Trevett's, of Irmo, designed a logo and branding that would redefine NRES as a premiere elementary arts magnet in Lexington Richland Five. To one observer, the NR may appear abstract; and to another, the NR is original and one of a kind in aesthetic value. Whatever the perspective, we can all agree that our new logo is a work of art that exemplifies creativity and simplicity. 


Elementary school is the foundation and building block of a child’s educational future. This unique and iconic NR mark is built from the simplest of shapes, like building blocks, and is designed so that students at any age can memorize it, draw it, cut it, or even build it themselves. It encompasses the arts, and the bright colors point to bright futures that start here at Nursery Road. The official name of the school is Nursery Road Elementary School – Arts Magnet. The more sophisticated typeface used for the school name pairs with the simple mark to make it clear that we are not just an elementary school, but we are serious about the arts. Although “Elementary School – Arts Magnet” is part of the official name, in the logo this piece serves as a tag below Nursery Road, tying in the full color palette and rounding out the complete logo.


What about our Champion? Well, we gave him a makeover too! The champion has been updated to match the new look of the brand. Like the NR, our
new champion can be built with just a few simple shapes. 


We are so thrilled about the changes that are on the horizon for Nursery Road Elementary School-Arts Magnet and are excited to see the exterior and interior transformations as well.  



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