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  • K12 Payment Center is the system we use for student lunch accounts and we strongly encourage you to register your child for free at You can check your balance, set email reminders and even view your child's purchases. If you wish, you can pay your balance with a credit card, however be aware that they do charge $1.95 per transaction. The upside is you can now pay for multiple children in one transaction instead of separately.
  • If you qualified for meal benefits last year, your benefits expire October 2, 2019. You need to reapply every year. If you do not reapply before October 2, your child will revert to full pay and you will be responsible for any debt accrued from that point on. Even if you apply late and qualify, any debts acquired in the interim will be your responsibility. You can apply at

  •   You can access our daily menus by clicking  here for the Student Nutrition website and choosing “Menus” from the top navigation bar.


Please contact Angie Schuster ( or Pam McLawhorn ( if you have any questions.