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Proof Of Residency

CrossRoads will begin accepting Proof of Residency on June 5, 2017 for all rising 6th graders.  Each year our district requires that you provide an updated proof of residency before your child will be able to attend school.  Below you will find the guidlines that District 5 requires:

Acceptable Documentation for Address Verification

THREE (3) Proofs of Residency are required in order for your child to attend Lexington/Richland School  District Five (LRSD5). Proof of residency will be done yearly for all students.

All documentation presented must show THE CURRENT MONTH’S DATE and The PROPERTY OWNER’S NAME OR the PARENT/GUARDIAN’S NAME.

Acceptable documentation include: (One Required)

Property Tax Bill for the permanent residenceRental
Lease (complete copy, listing all occupants)
Real Estate Closing Documents (where applicable)

Additional documents include: (Two Required)
Vehicle Tax Registration
Voter Registration Card
Electric BillWater Bill
Telephone Bill
Cable/Satellite Bill

driver’s  license  will  be  required  from  the  property  owner  and  parent  or  legal  guardian  for identification purposes only. IDs cannot be accepted as documentation for address verification.


If you have recently moved and are unable to provide the two additional required documents listed above, you must, to a minimum provide a Rental Lease or Real Estate Closing Document.

You will then be given 45 days from enrollment to provide the remaining documents as required.  If the family has resided in the home for more than 45 days, proof should be provided immediately.


The person that owns or rents the property in which you are residing must complete a Residency Affidavit Form (which LRSD5 will provide) notarized, attesting to the fact that you and your family are currently residing with the legal resident

The person that owns or rents the property must provide THREE acceptable pieces of documentation from the above list, which verifies their connection to THE PROPERTy

You, as the parent or legal guardian, must also get a Residency Affidavit Form (which LRSD5 will provide) notarized, attesting to the fact that all current documentation for address verification presented is true and accurate.

Within 45 days of enrollment, you, as the parent or legal guardian, will be required to provide two documents of mail in your name that show the address of the person with whom your family resides. Junk mail is not acceptable. Acceptable documents are: 1) paycheck stub 2) W-2 statement 3) car insurance 4) bank statement 5) state supported services 6) voters registration card 7) vehicle tax registration.