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23 students graduate, set sights on future in School District Five Adult Education program

For Immediate Release – July 1, 2019



23 students graduate, set sights on future in School District Five Adult Education program

IRMO – For 23 students, the future is bright after graduating from the Adult Education program in Lexington-Richland School District Five.


“I am so proud of all that these students have accomplished,” said first year director Paula Wright. “They worked so hard and have surprised me every day with just how dedicated they can be, and with how much determination and strength they have. I’m just ultimately and incredibly proud of this program and of my students. They are wonderful!”


The graduates were recognized for their individual accomplishments and the unique paths they took to earn their diplomas. For student Aaryn Nagasaki, she had to self-evaluate and figure out her own way to make it to this moment.


“I had a hard time in school growing up,” said Nagasaki. “I had to realize I needed to take a different path and I couldn’t follow everybody else. Moving on and still being able to go to college really means a lot to me. I’m really happy I took this first step.”


School District Five’s Adult Education program has a mission to inspire, teach and prepare students to reach personal, educational and career goals. The program ensures that upon graduation students are college and career ready. But above all else, students leave feeling like part of the Adult Education family.


“We follow our students two years out,” said Wright. “We are always there to make sure that if they need a letter of recommendation or help filling out financial aid or whatever they could possibly need after they leave us we certainly try and provide that. We keep up with them and we want them to know that we are here for them.”


School District Five Superintendent Dr. Christina Melton challenged the class of 2019 to dream big and pursue their futures. She said the student’s grit to get to where they are now impressed her the most.


“These graduates all have a unique story. The determination, the grit, the perseverance and the courage to dream, that’s just something that is so celebratory. How can you put into words just how much it means to us as a system to have students like this, supported by faculty and staff, that do tremendous work,” said Melton.


Wright added, “I am just so excited about this program and where we are going so I appreciate all the support that we’ve received over the course of the year and I look forward to the next year.”