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Parents often ask how to stay connected to a child’s progress and assignments on the internet.  At CMS we are committed to helping you accomplish this. We have several ways you can keep an eye on your student’s academics and their digital footprint.

Currently, we have three options.  Parent Portal, Student Google Login, and Google Classroom Guardian Email Summaries.  Click HERE to find out more about the benefits of each. 

CMS currently would like to suggest that you sign up for Parent Portal and learn how to log in to your child’s Google Account.  The Google Classroom Guardian is also a great tool but may be redundant if you log into your child’s account regularly. CMS requests that you log into your child’s account regularly.  If students are aware that parents can look at email correspondence, classwork and other activity regularly, it helps them make the better choice in a difficult situation.

As you are aware, District 5 uses a student’s birth date as a password. We choose at CMS not to reset these passwords so that parents can easily access student accounts regularly.  The benefit of not having lost instructional time for “forgotten” passwords is invaluable, and when students know that parents and teachers can access their accounts, it helps them stay on task and make good choices.

If you have any questions regarding how to sign up for any of this information please contact our Digital Integration Specialist, Lori Powers at or 803-722-5573.