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School District Five announces winners of the 2020 science and engineering fair

For Immediate Release – February 13, 2020



School District Five announces winners of the 2020 science and engineering fair

IRMO – Over 150 students from Lexington-Richland School District Five competed in this year’s elementary, intermediate and middle level science and engineering fair on February 8, 2020 at Dutch Fork High School.


To qualify for participation in the district science fair, students must first win a school level science fair award before qualifying for the district competition.


School District Five Coordinator of Science, Health and PE Beth Boland said, “Each year, it is amazing to see the community come together to support the incredible students in our district. It is truly the cooperative effort between teachers, parents, district staff, and community members that makes the event such a success. Special thanks to the University of South Carolina for sending so many teams of judges.  We are looking forward to watching our scientists grow, and eagerly await the results of the USC Regional Competition.”


The high school science and engineering fair will be held on February 22, 2019 at Dutch Fork High School.


The following is a list of the 2020 School District Five elementary, intermediate and middle school science fair winners:





1st Place: Kinsey Johnson - Bridge Design Olympiad - CIS

2nd Place: Ethan Covey and Cooper Klosterman - Absorbing Oil Spills - DFES

3rd Place: Morgan-Kate Callahan - Opposites Attract - OPES



1st Place: Aislyn Kerwin - Biomass Into Biogas - HWES

2nd Place: Will Scholz - How Does River Speed Affect the Shape of a River - OPES

3rd Place: Andrew Baughman - Water Water Everywhere - BES

Honorable Mention: Ethan McCoy - Hydroelectric Volt Producers - OPES

Honorable Mention: Evan Madden - What’s in YOUR Water? - IES

Honorable Mention: Lyncoln Ranly and Bryce Winburn - Landfills, Liners, and Leachates - DFES


Life Science: 

1st Place: Annika Chatterjee and Shreyan Chatterjee - Antibiotic Overuse in Elderly: Links to Gut Microbiome and Poor Digestive Health - IES

2nd Place: Za’Mya Gilliard, Dai’ya Smith, and Zaria Ward - Baby Powder Test - DFES

3rd Place: Riley Hunt and Satabhisha Sarkar - Bacterial Growth Study - BES

Honorable Mention: Kendall Webster - How’s it Growing There? - CIS

Honorable Mention: Ariel Davis and Natalie Williams - Are These Bags the Best? - DFES


Physical Science:

1st Place: Charles Price, Azaria Myers, & Mary Varvel - Soap Paradise - DFES

2nd Place: Elaina Whalen - Do You Want Coverage? - LES

3rd Place: Aiden Grabski - The Fast and the Furious - HECES

Honorable Mention: Makhari Harper & Cheyenne Collins - Stop CFC’s! - DFES

Honorable Mention: Xan Ellsworth - Viscosity Investigation - HWES

Honorable Mention: Addison Cannaday - Stretchy Slime – CIS





1st Place: Matthew Blocker - Water Filter - IMS

2nd Place: Grant Burdick - How to Best Make an Origami Frog Jump - CRIS



1st Place: Leo Sun - Studying Chemotaxis with Physarum Polycephalum - CMS

2nd Place: Carly Mae Gardner - Seeds + Magnets - CMS


Life Science: 

1st Place: Nitya Cherukumalli - Twisted Mind - IMS

2nd Place: Riya Hegde - Beverage Taste and Coloring-Does coloring affect perception of taste? - IMS


Physical Science - Chemistry:

1st Place: Andrew Farmer - Plants Cleaning Plants - CMS

2nd Place: Ava McCarty - The Pepper Project: Vitamin C Comparison in Different Colors of Bell Peppers - DFMS

3rd Place: Landon Williams - Glowing Detective - CRIS


Physical Science - Physics:

1st Place: Preston Kunkle - The Effect of Lubricant Viscosity on the Coefficient of Friction with Sliding Objects- CMS

2nd Place: Stephen (Luke) Barrett - (insert creative title about batteries and volt droppage here) - CMS