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January Writer of the Month

In the first semester Patricia has written a myriad of journal entries and poems that reflect her empathetic and thoughtful nature.  She sets the example by writing with focus and diligence, and processing her meticulously through the writing process. One of her texts, “The Madness that Never ends Until…” is currently on display in the IMS cafeteria so that her colleagues may see an example of excellent writing and consider the importance with living with intention.  We are proud of her!


The Madness that Never Ends Until…

By: Patricia Walker


As people walk down

the loud, crowded streets

with faces all scrunched-up,

they only see the darkness.


Only one person is bright

and as happy as she can be.

Showing love and kindness to everyone,

But she gets no affection back.


Day by day she grew sadder and sadder

Until she stood on a tall wooden box,

stating, “HEY EVERYONE!”

Everyone stopped in their tracks.


“Stop being so mad and show

happiness, love, and kindness.

You don’t have to be mad all the time.”

She gave a whole speech.


Everyone became a lot happier,

And the whole world was full.

Don’t let your past control you,

You will be sad forever if you do.


Focus on the future not the past.

Think of the future not the past.