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Award-winning artist visits School District Five Elementary School

For Immediate Release – April 13, 2021



Award-winning artist visits School District Five Elementary School

IRMO –Fifth grade students at Nursery Road Elementary-Arts Magnet (NRES-AM) experienced an Artist-in-Residence event with award-winning artist and sculptor Bob Doster on April 2.


Doster shapes sheets of steel into furniture and sculptures that can be seen throughout the Midlands, York and Lancaster counties, regionally and around the world. He paid a visit to Nursery Road Elementary School to help the students create self portraits that he will use to create a ring sculpture that will be displayed in front of the school.


“All of our fifth grade and special needs classes were invited to our Art Studio to create their self portrait,” said Lisa Brooks, Nursery Road Elementary School’s magnet lead teacher. “Bob Doster brought 100 sheets of metal with him and students traced their self portrait image on the metal with a sharpie and then the students got the opportunity to cut the metal with Bob’s help using a hand over hand method where he guides them with his welding machine.”


Doster has worked with thousands of students across for over 40 years as a visiting artist throughout the Carolinas. Students design and build sculptures in clay, wood and steel, as well as paint murals and banners.


“My visit is an opportunity for students to see art is not just drawing on paper,” Doster said. “I am a horrible drawer, but I can visualize what I want in my head and then I can bring it to life in a sculpture.”


Each year, the school plans to invite Doster back to have another group of fifth graders create self portraits to add to the sculpture.


“It was such an honor to have Bob Doster come to NRES-AM to make a piece of history a reality for our Champions,” said principal Love Ligons. “For years we have discussed our students assisting in the creation of our first NRES-AM sculpture. I am so excited to see the end product and I am even more excited to know that our Champions will remember this for years to come and they will be able to see their handiwork each time they visit NRES-AM.”


The sculpture is provided by a Magnet Schools Assistance Program (MSAP) grant funded through the U.S. Department of Education the district was awarded in 2013.