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CATS POE Student Work at Columbia Mini Maker Faire

Work from the CATS Principles of Engineering class (POE) was displayed at EdVenture's 04/29 Columbia Mini Maker Faire. At this event, over thirty maker stations and a number of workshops were featured at EdVenture on Saturday from 9am to 3pm. 

The POE's Veeblefetzer was on display and demonstrated at the event which drew over 800 people. Veeblefetzer (/vee'b*l-fetz'*er/) is a synonym for any obscure or complicated object or mechanism. A more common name for such a device would be a Rube Goldberg machine. The machine was originally built for a competition sponsored by Theta Tau, an engineering fraternity at the University of South Carolina. The objective of the competition was to shoot a ball through a hoop in twenty or more steps, and to take at least two minutes to complete the process.

The machine was setup and demonstrated by Byron DeJesus and John Hill under the direction of Dr. Martin Cwiakala. In addition to demonstrating the machine, flyers highlighting the Rube Goldberg machine research used during the Veeblefetzer design process were also distributed. This two-page report had links to ten exciting video's of Rube Goldberg machines.

The Center would like to thank EdVenture for giving our students the opportunity to be a part of the community of makers. Dr. Cwiakala states, "Participating in the Mini Maker Faire is one more adventure for our students to showcase their work and to see what other students are doing."