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Fire and Rescue Students Visit the S.C. Fire Academy

Fire and Rescue students visit the South Carolina Fire Academy (SCFA) to conduct skills testing for certification. Students were to perform skills such as donning, entanglement, ladders, search and rescue, forcible entry, knot tying, fire control, and several others.


The first skill for the students was a two-minute timed donning where they were to successfully put on their personal protective equipment (PPE). After this skill was successfully done, students along with their partner, began the rotation through each skills test. Instructors from the SCFA observed the students at each skills station but were unable to assist. Students had to problem solve with their partner to pass the skills test. SCFA’s Municipal Coordinator, Michael Regal, says when it comes to firefighting, “I am not here for me, I am here for we, and we are here for them.”


Our students showed great respect and team work during their time at the SCFA and many were successful with certification.


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