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InvenTeam Students: Makers-of-the-Month at EdVenture

On Saturday, November 11, 2017, students from the Center InvenTeam presented at Edventure Children's Museum. Byron DeJesus and Jamison Mahoney were expert presenters. They discussed and demonstrated hovercraft technology.


Over 70 children and family members learned how to construct hovercrafts using CDs, wooden spools, and balloons. Rides were also given on the Center's leaf blower powered hovercraft. 


Byron and Jamison are part of Dr. Cwikala's InvenTeam. This after school club allows students to engage in engineering competitions, to invent and to engage in community outreach. Byron told the EdVenture staff that "it was an honor to be part of Maker-of-the-Month." 


The students were joined by Dr. Martin Cwiakala, the InvenTeam advisor. Together they promoted invention and exploration while representing the Center.