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2018 All Star Automotive Technology Competition

Two students in the Automotive Technology program at the Center for Advanced Technical Studies attended the 2018 All Star Automotive Technology Competition on February 22nd. Zain Abedi and Andrew Boncordo represented the Center and both students won tool kits for their outstanding performance. 


There were twelve test stations, which encompassed the eight National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF)/Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) areas under the MLR tasks standards. The competitors had twenty minutes to complete each task. Each task consisted of the following elements:


* Correct use of equipment
* Correct interpretation of service information
* Students' ability to demonstrate logical and deductive reasoning
* Students should be able to assess the situation, identify cause, predict effect on vehicle/component performance or operation and determine corrective action required
* Student ability to relay/record information in an articulate manner as required