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DFHS STEM Ranked #14 in the Nation published a list of the 30 Top High School STEM Programs for 2019 and has recognized Dutch Fork High School as the 14th best STEM high school in the country. The STEM program at Dutch Fork High School is an honors magnet program that accelerates and enriches learning experiences for students who are academically gifted in and have an interest in a STEM related major and career.  Students are accepted into the program based on their standardized test scores, middle school teachers’ recommendations, and interest in STEM related fields. Since 2005, the program has been a local answer to the national STEM initiative.  Presently there are over 200 students in the program from the ninth through the twelfth grades. ranked the STEM high schools using a system that places different weights on important aspects like student/teacher ratios, AP test participation and scores in STEM subjects, and a special STEM innovation score. The innovation score evaluates the uniqueness, thoroughness, and cutting-edge nature of each school's curricular and extra-curricular STEM offerings. Over 30 million teachers and students per month use to research instructional strategies and academic materials.  Learn more about the list and visiting