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“Long-lost tradition” summer acting camp returns to Irmo High School

For Immediate Release – June 21, 2017



“Long-lost tradition” summer acting camp returns to Irmo High School


COLUMBIA – Irmo High School International School for the Arts theater manager Lauren Sherr knew she had to do something. Growing up in Lexington-Richland School District Five, Sherr had the opportunity to attend a summer acting camp that allowed her to experience her passion for theater.


The camp originally started in 2000 under now retired Irmo High theater teacher Marti Suber. Upon leaving the district in 2010, the camp eventually went away, but it has since returned under the leadership of Sherr.


“This truly is a long-lost tradition that I am excited to be able to bring back,” Sherr said. “The sky is the limit for these students who are a part of the Irmo High family. I remember when I was a student here, our theater was essentially an auto tech body garage. Now we have this incredible Center for the Arts to work out of and our students have produced incredible shows.”


Nearly 50 kindergarten through eighth grade students in District Five attended the camp, which ran from June 12-15. The grade levels were split into four groups and from there, they each worked on skits that culminated in a performance at the final day of the camp. Groups were led by Irmo High theater students.


“This was such a neat experience working with these students,” said Irmo High senior Will Nunn. “You see the passion that they have for theater. I worked with the sixth through eighth grade group and when we gave them their monologues to read at the beginning of the week, I was amazed to see them immediately start practicing.”


Sherr says bringing back the camp was just something she had to do.


“I remember attending the camp when I was in fifth grade, and by the time I got to high school, I was leading it every summer,” Sherr said. “Now it is so special to carry on the legacy Marti left behind, and I get to take what I came from and up the game. It is amazing to watch what these students can come up with now that they have the incredible resources here at Irmo High!”